Drilling Fluid Technology – Module 1


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8 Replies to “Drilling Fluid Technology – Module 1”

  1. Iā€™m very excited to take this course and looking forward to learn more and expand my knowledge about drilling fluids which play a very important role in the drilling process!

  2. If I am currently working in oil and gas may not be able to work concecutivlely on the course. Is this a work at your own pace or just it all be done in the 5 allotted days?

    1. Actually, we have been getting alot of participants asking us to leave it at a “work at your own pace” instead of 5 days course. And yes, we have decided to leave it at a work at your own pace. No rush, so you can go through course content at your own pace.

  3. I’m really happy to be joining this amazing platform and I’m willing to learn and explore new knowledge about oil and gas industry.God bless

  4. Hey there.you guys are doing amazing job.Im so happy to join and learn much about drilling fluid “blood life”.
    I’m a graduating this June (as a drilling engineer) masters degree. I hope adding little things will help in my career.

    1. Certainly Norman. We look forward to an awesome experience ourselves. The great thing is we’ll keep adding more courses and collaborating with experts all around the world to share what they know through online courses and webinars that will be hosted on Talkoilandgas.com. So yeah, we look forward to a long and rewarding experience.

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