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The Ultimate Drilling Fluid Technology Course

Getting a degree in an oil and gas related discipline is not enough. You have probably come to realize this for yourself. It’s tough out there. This is especially true in this period of lower oil prices. Yes, there are few available jobs but truth be told, a number of persons are still getting employed.

Getting that first industry job depends on several factors that include determination, ability to network and a well rounded knowledge about how the industry operates. Every year, thousands of students in oil and gas related disciplines graduate from colleges around the world, and most find it difficult to be absorbed into the industry. It got so bad that some close friends of mine were forced to seek employment opportunities in other industries.

This is why at TalkOilandGas, we have decided to go beyond what we teach on our Instagram page to create a platform to share expert knowledge through our glossary and quizzes. Now we are taking it one step further to create online courses on strategic oil and gas segments.

Companies are looking to see your own personal commitment and investment to your career. Make that commitment today by enrolling for this course. Mistakes are costly; this is especially true for the oil and gas industry. Since the Deepwater Horizon blowout, more and more attention is paid to ensuring that workers know what to do, and when to do it.

This drilling fluid is the first line of defense against a blowout. It has been nicknamed the “lifeblood” of the entire drilling process. This Drilling Fluid Technology course has been carefully prepared for Drillers, Geologists, Mudloggers, Roughnecks and just about anyone serious about taking their oil and gas career to the next level.

If your career is tilted towards the exploration, drilling and production phase of the oil and gas industry, then this course is for you. We share expert knowledge and new insights within each course module. Plus, there is a certificate at the end of the course which can be attached to your resume.

  • Quizzes after going through the content of each day
  • Webinar
  • Free downloadable pdf of all course content
  • Certificate of completion

The first day will be all about introductions:

  • The Rotary Drilling Process

We begin with an overview of the rotary drilling process, with a focus on how the circulating system makes it possible to drill using this system.

  • The Circulating System

Now we delve into the circulating system. The drilling fluid is a primary component of the circulating system.

  • Drilling Fluid Make-up

Having a shallow knowledge of the drilling fluid is not enough, what can you mix together to form the drilling fluid and in what proportions?

Now we have a great foundation for what the next day holds.

We start going a little bit deeper today and discover the root of clay swelling problems and set a wonderful foundation on clay chemistry.

Clay chemistry

  • Clay types
  • Particle sizes
  • Cation exchange in smectite clay

Clays encountered in drilling fluids

  • Commercial clays
  • Low swelling clays
  • Effect of Montmorillonite and drilled solids on drilling fluid density

With these out of the way, we are all set and ready for day 3.

Today, we will consider what makes the drilling fluid so important to the rotary drilling process and explore the different types of drilling fluid available out there with a focus on understanding when to use each type.

Functions of drilling fluids

  • Cutting transport
  • Fluid-loss control
  • Cooling and lubricating the rotating bit and drill string
  • Control subsurface pressure
  • Logging Information
  • Transmit hydraulic horsepower to the rotating bit
  • Support part of the drillstring and casing weight

Types of drilling Fluids

  1. Water-base muds
  2. Pneumatic fluids ( gas fluids)
  3. Emulsion Based Muds
  4. Noninhibitive muds
  5. Polymer
  6. Oil muds
  7. Inhibitive Water-Base Muds
    • High-salinity mud
    • Lignosulfonate-treated mud
    • Calcium-treated mud

Yesterday was about understanding what to do with drilling fluids and knowing when to use each type. Today will be about problem solving and knowing how to carry out the drilling mud pilot test and preparing a drilling mud report.

  • Solids Control for Unweighted Muds

First of all, you’ll learn the difference between weighted and unweighted muds. Then the difference between solids control for each type.

  • Solids Control for Weighted Muds
  • Quality of Low-Gravity Solids

What are low gravity solids? Why is it important to watch out for the possible contamination of drilling mud with low gravity solids?

  • Drilling mud pilot test

Here, you’ll learn everything about the drilling mud pilot test and why it is important to conduct these tests.

  • Drilling mud report

Finally, you’ll learn how to prepare a drilling mud report. Drilling mud reports are a must after every drilling program. You’ll learn how to prepare this report.

Webinar that captures everything that has been learnt in this module. This drives in what has been learnt in an easily digestible format plus a bonus on solutions to drilling fluid calculations or problems.

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Take one step ahead when you take one of our courses. The Drilling Fluid Technology module is packed full with rich content and new insights into the lifeblood of the drilling process. Each content is reviewed by our experts to ensure that they stay consistent with industry truths. Learn something new today.

Who is the Drilling Fluid Course for?

  • Job seekers looking for extra validation to add to their CVs
  • Students seeking to know more about Drilling Fluid Technology
  • Drillers, Geologists, Mudloggers, Petroleum Engineers, Roughnecks and just about anyone seeking to understand how the oil and gas industry works
  • Experts seeking new insights on how to avoid drilling fluid problems and well control

Benefits of this Course

  • Understand the role drilling fluid plays in well control
  • Get solutions to drilling fluid problems
  • Network and build lasting relationships with other students that can become helpful even after the course
  • Become better qualified as an oil and gas worker
  • Take your career to the next level by getting certified
  • Be a step ahead in the job hunting game
  • Get one-on-one mentorship from one of our experts and get help when needed even after the completion of course
  • Get the same value derived from more expensive courses

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